Guardian Angel at the met

Here is an excerpt from the Subbnb business plan:

"...when these guests check out of their hotels with long faces, we will be there to greet them with open doors!"

Little did I know how quickly reality would trump our very own expectations.  

Today while waiting outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art I see this young girl going in with her family and her luggage. So I wait at the entrance because I know she is going to get turned away due to the Met's luggage storage policy. Five minutes later she comes out (without her family) red faced, crying and cursing. I present a "Mobile Luggage Storage" card to her as she is rushing out stopping her cold. Once she realizes what the card says, she immediately composes herself and goes on to explain her situation. Her family is in NY for one last day, and now she can't spend time with them because The Met won't allow her to take her luggage in. I kindly explain the reason behind this policy, and offer her our solution. I would stop short of calling us "Guardian Angels" but her online claim form sums up our pain relief strategy quite succinctly. She gave me the biggest hug btw! 


Trevor your host!