Mobile Luggage Storage is Finally Here!

By Trevor Bayack

It has been a lot of work launching our mobile luggage storage service but it is finally here! I am writing this post from Bedford and North 6th, with the van doors wide open. I had no idea this first day would be so terrifying! It is literally un-chartered territory.

Our goal is to provide luggage courier services for individuals looking to store their luggage while in limbo. The focus will be on vacationers who do not want to drag their luggage around while they wait for their check in times or flights. As our name implies, Subbnb grew out of the "Sharing economy" and more specifically the home sharing website Airbnb. There are thousands of vacationers using non-traditional hotels. Some estimates list nearly 30K Airbnb listings in the NYC area alone. These listings are for the most part ill prepared to offer their guests sufficient luggage storage solutions. We are hoping that these hosts will be more than happy to recommend their guests to someone who does!

Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that our service is mobile. Our vans will meet guests where they are, saving them time and money. We are the convenient more economical solution. 

I hope our mobile luggage service becomes a resource for visitors from all over the world. 

Trevor - Founder Subbnb