Airbnb is no longer the nice guy of the sharing economy

I initially planned to launch Subbnb as a platform to provide and manage Airbnb listings for guests and host's. When I first heard about the hosting platform in 2012, Airbnb was still a novel idea. Before Airbnb, Craigslist was the platform for home sharing. Airbnb made that process seamless and dressed it up in a pretty bow. Oh how the times have changed.

When I planned to launch Subbnb in late 2014, the writing was already on the wall, so I shifted my focus from managing listings, to an even more niche service in 2015, luggage storage. At first I hedged my bets and did a bit of both, but quickly I saw where things were going so I dropped the management platform all together.

From a strictly business standpoint, it makes sense for Airbnb to shift its focus from strictly hosting to a travel platform. It is the path of least resistance for a company looking to go public. It is also obvious that the focus of this company is the consumer, however many hosts are getting caught in the crossfire. I only wish Airbnb had these micro-entrepreneurs backs more.

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