Navigating the New Airbnb

Recently Airbnb rolled out a new platform called "Trips" that focuses on broadening the travel experience beyond home sharing. Using its elegant platform, Airbnb will seamlessly guide their guests from the rental, to the neighborhood and beyond. Allowing travelers to book services like guided tours, local restaurants, flights, car rentals, and who knows, luggage storage. :-)

This is an exciting development that takes the sharing economy to another level, and may go a long way in rekindling the recently strained love affair between Airbnb and its hosts. Here we have a new way for the Airbnb community to go beyond offering their living spaces to travelers to make a buck. It is the re-imagining of the Sub-bnb economy.

Bravo Airbnb!

Read the New York Times article Navigating the New Airbnb for more.