First Impressions - Arlo Nomad opens in Midtown

Recently Team FYA (the "Masters of the First Impression") did a luggage delivery at the Arlo Nomad. A Mid-Century themed modern styled hotel from the Arlo group, known for making great use of small spaces. What stood out immediately was the unorthodox and organic decor. The tenement styled entrance blends in to the surrounding architecture so well, Team FYA almost missed it. It was almost as if it were a hotel version of a speakeasy. There is a 24 hour in-house bodega, that was either... a nod to the NY neighborhood aesthetic, or to the soon to be "thing of the past" movie concession stand. The elegant, modern, and un-intimidating front desk was forward thinking, minimal, and without pretense. 

The Team FYA courier was greeted with a pleasant smile. The way we see it (anecdotal as it may be) if the common working schlub dragging in luggage through the lobby for a client can get a nice greeting, that's probably a good sign for how they run the rest of the establishment. There was not a doorman present at the time we entered. We would have to go back to see if he or she was pre-occupied at the time, or if the Nomad is so laid back as to eliminate the role all-together. My guess is the former, but the latter would be cool if the authentic NY tenement theme is what they are going for. By the way, are there any female "doormen"? 

Details - 250 rooms, free wifi, 42-inch TV and a rainforest shower.  Nightly rates as of this posting range from $160 to $270 per night. Team FYA rates the Nomad a 4 out of 5 fancy fingers.



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