Top Places to View Street Art In NYC

New York City is arguably the birthplace of Street Art. Gaining fame in the 70's with the Graffiti, movement, and evolving into an artistic expression that is todays Street Art. Traditionally districts like SOHO and the Lower East Side would be the urban canvas where local talent like Basquiat, Futura, Haring would express the beat of the city through aerosal warfare. These days the scene may lack the spontaneity that comes with the illegal aspect of painting on subways and uncomissioned walls, however todays artists do not lack for creativity, and the canvas has expanded to every sanctioned and un-sanctioned corner of the city, attracting artists like Triston Easton, Shepard Fairy, Buffmonster, Ron English and hundreds more. As a visitor to the city (or as a local) exploring these gems will leave you with more than a sample-size impression of the beat and history of our beloved city. Hypebeast has put together a handy list of some of the top places around the city to view this art. Our personal favorite is the Bushwick Collective which you can see via a walking tours with Free Tours By Foot, or you can just head over there yourself.