How Does It work?

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. We will send you a confirmation along with the payment link.
  3. You are done. Show the payment receipt to the courier.

Where will we pick up or drop off our luggage at the airport?

The courier will meet you outside the passenger arrivals/departures terminal. This is where taxis and shuttle buses pick up and drop off passengers. We will notify you with a specific passenger pickup area once the courier arrives.

Can I store my bags overnight?

Of course. You can store your bags for as many nights as you want!

What are your hours?

We offer a 24 hour delivery service.

Is my luggage safe and secure?

Yes, we probably treat your bags better than you treat your bags. Tamper evident tags are also available upon request.

Are you insured?

Our total liability for lost or damaged items is up to $400 per bag.

How do I pay?

Once we receive your reservation we will send you a payment link. 

What if I need to add or subtract bags?

Please contact customer service at +1 718-599 -3547 or respond to your email confirmation to add or subtract bags.

What if I need my luggage returned earlier than the scheduled time?

We suggest notifying us at most 60 minutes after your reservation starts to avoid additional fees.

Can I trust that you will be on time, I have a flight to catch?

Yes, we have never had a customer miss their flight. If you happen to be the first customer to miss a flight because we are delayed, we will get your luggage to you on our dime.

What if I am late?

FOR DELIVERIES: Our pick-up and drop-off window is 60 minutes following your reservation times. If we do not hear from you, the courier will leave at 10 minutes past your reservation time, and your order will be canceled without a refund. At this point you will have to make a new reservation if you still require service. Please allow enough time to accommodate this delivery window. (The late fee does not apply to incoming flights/cruises/buses provided you leave us your travel information) (However you will not be entitled to a refund without notice of delay at least 90 minutes before your reservation start time) Best practice is to notify us as soon as you know you are delayed.

FOR COUNTER-SERVICE: Your reservation window is 60 minutes following your reservation times after which point late fees will go into effect. In addition there is a $24.99 after hours fee that goes into effect at 7:00pm and an $11.99 per bag daily fee that goes into effect at midnight.

Can I change my location or time?

You have up to 60 minutes after your start time to alter your reservation without incurring any additional fees. Once your updated time is confirmed, the late fees take effect one minute after this updated time.

Any additional questions please call us on: 718-599-3547

Thank you for using Subbnb!