Meserole Prep - 12 Meserole Street 3A | Brooklyn NY 11206 | Door Entry "1245" | Trevor phone (917)365-5679 | Danny Phone 929-230-4541 | Izabella Phone 551-236-9446

Combination Lock Code:

  • Twin Bed (right three times stop at) 38 - (Left once passing thirty eight stop at) 12 - (Left stop at) 06
  • Queen Bed (right three times stop at) 12 - (Left once passing twelve stop at) 14 - (Left stop at) 36


This listing currently has a 5 Airbnb rating that has been established over one year of hosting. The goal is to achieve Superhost status on Airbnb which will generate more bookings (good for everybody especially during off-peak dates!)  This will happen if we can maintain the 5 rating for this listing for the evaluation through the end of the year.  It only takes one bad review to take us out of the running.   Thank You!



General List *
Name of guest for todays prep [Wednesday August 19th] is [John Bianchin] plus [3] Arriving at [4:00 on August 19th] Prep is scheduled for [5:30pm] by [Izabella] Cleaning is scheduled for [1:00pm] by [Danny]
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Twin Bed
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Manager Name
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Do not prep air mattress unless more than 4 beds (Different from guest #) are needed.
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Place Receipts in PC envelope

Meserole Greeting Checklist *
Name of guest today is [Margeret] plus [3] Arriving at [Friday July 30th] [1:00pm] Greeting is scheduled for [Friday July 30th] at [12:00pm] by [Izabella]
Host Name *
Host Name